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0:10 | James Hudson /// Director of the Sun Devil Marching Band
0:58 | Michael Thompson /// Voice of the Sun Devil Marching Band
1:19 | Special Performance

When Shawn Shive, a Junior Music Education major who plays trumpet in the Sun Devil Marching Band, was faced with the reality of remaining socially distant from his fellow SDMB members, his creative juices and video editing skills took over. He got together with a few of his fellow band members, James Hudson, Director of Athletic Bands and Michael Thompson, the Voice of the Sun Devil Marching Band, to bring a break in your day for some Sun Devil spirit and pride. Some of the head coaches of various sports even wanted to get in on it. The result is a collaboration like no other.  When the Sun Devil teams return to the field and court, have no fear that the Sun Devil Marching Band will be there to cheer them “Onward to Victory!”  


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